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Pittsburgh Tattoo Removal – Laser Tattoo Removal

All new state of the art Quanta Laser! – Laser Tattoo Removal

The Quanta Q Plus C Laser System is the first ever laser system to have incorporated Ruby laser. The Q-Plus effectively removes black, blue, purple, yellow, green and red tattoo pigment with the lowest risk of texture changes and scarring to the skin. Our Tattoo removal laser is the most advanced laser tattoo removal laser in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Quanta Q Plus system delivers a full 15-30 joules of pulse strength (the strongest on the market), can cover a wide area up to 6mm (as opposed to the competition at 3mm), and generates a broader spectrum of light with 3 wavelengths and the inclusion of Ruby for the removal of darker colors like red, orange, black and dark blue, as well as the tough to remove green and blue pigments.

The increase in power and spectrum available with the Quanta means less time in the chair for you. Quantas Laser’s work on the ink, not the skin. However, most of the damage from laser removal comes from the amount of time it takes for each treatment to penetrate the skin and destroy the ink below. The laser heats up the skin and can cause blistering. Unlike original Nd:YAG lasers which can cause severe skin damage, Q-Switched lasers use shorter pulses, and cause less scarring and pigmentation than other kinds of lasers. The Quanta system also uses the full spectrum of light, something that Nd:YAG lasers alone cannot do. With the Quanta Laser system, less time under the laser means less damage to the skin. The ink breaks up and is dissipated through the body for release and most tattoos can be removed in under 5 treatments!

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